Lash Lift & Tints are a great way to add curl and darker colour to your eyelashes without applying extensions. Lash lifts use a flexible silicone mold to curl your natural lashes from the base to the tip creating incredible natural volume. How its done – A silicone pad is applied to your eyelid and then a lifting solution is applied to your natural lashes. Next each individual lash is adhered to the silicone pad from the root to the tip. Once the lifting solution has set, a tinting solution is applied in combination with lash conditioner.

Lift & Tint $80 

Lift $60

Tint $30


2-3 week Fill

Have you ever wanted long, luscious lashes? Sick of mascara and eyelash curlers? If so, eye lash extensions might just be for you! Eyelash Extensions are a safe and simple way to add volume, darkness, and length to your eyelashes. For a special occasion or just everyday we can customize an option that best suits your style!

Classic Full Set $120       Refill $50

Hybrid Full Set $140.       Refill $65

Volume Full Set $170.      Refill $80

Mega Full Set $200.        Refill $95